Los Angeles

San Diego Bistro Seeks Chef

Ankist Zadeyan of My Place Bistro in San Diego seeks a chef who is “interested in ably applying the principles of ‘Slow Food’.” Please read on for general information and contact data.

Ankist Zadeyan writes:

My Place Bistro is almost a year old and doing well. However, this year of experience has revealed to us that slow and smooth is the key to success. We are looking for someone who is interested in ably applying the principles of “Slow Food” to our small, bistro-like restaurant. We believe that combining exceptional cuisine and consideration for our community is empowering, not mutually exclusive. Professional, organized and flexible – we would like a chef whose principles are reflected in his product.

It is my hope that this request is in the spirit of the Slow Food movement. If you can be of any assistance, either through a recommendation or course
of action, it would be much appreciated.

I can be reached at this email, ankistz@aol.com or 760.757.9502. Thank you very much for any consideration.

Ankist Zadeyan