Los Angeles

Announcing the Leimert Park Village Farmers’ Market

The ever productive SEE-LA, the nonprofit organization which operates the Hollywood Market as well as others in low economic areas of the city is proud to announce the opening of another market in a community that could really use one. The Leimert Park Village Farmers’ Market opens tomorrow, May 22, 2005. We share with you SEE-LA’s announcement of this new resource:

Shoppers will find just-picked fruits and vegetables every Sunday at the new Leimert Park Village Farmers’ Market. Because local growers sell their products directly to the public, customers can count on high quality at a reasonable price. The market will feature seasonal crops such as tomatoes, citrus, corn, melons, peaches, berries and more at the peak of their ripeness and flavor.

Local health studies have shown that a frequent barrier to adequate consumption of fresh produce is a lack of availability. The Leimert Park market has been founded to help remedy this problem. Convenient to shopping, housing and transit stops, the market offers a variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Food stamps/EBT and WIC coupons will be accepted. The Leimert Park site is an open air community market, certified by the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner.

When: The market will be open Sundays from 10:00am until 2:00pm, beginning May 22, 2005
Where: The Vision Theatre Parking Lot, Degnan Blvd & 43rd Street

The market is sponsored by Councilman Bernard Parks, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, with funding support from Los Angeles Community Development Department. It will be operated by Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA).

SEE-LA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting access to nutritious food for all and to supporting small farmers by connecting rural farms to urban tables. SEE-LA operates the Hollywood, Hollywood-Sears, and Central Avenue Farmers’ Markets, and will open the Atwater Village Farmers’ Market in June 2005. To learn more about SEE-LA’s markets, visit www.farmernet.com; to learn more about SEE-LA, visit their site.