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Farm to School News

Our friends at the California Food and Justice Coalition have sent us an update regarding AB 826, The California Farm to School Child Nutrition Act:

As we enter the final stretch of this years legislative session I wanted to share an update on AB 826–the CA Farm to School Child Nutrition Improvement Act. The bill is currently in the Senate appropriations committee and will next go to the Senate floor for a vote. We expect this vote to take place at the end of August. The bill will then go the Assembly to be voted on again (it passed the Assembly floor 77 to 2 on June 1st) and then be sent to the Governor to be signed.

In the next few weeks we will be sending out alerts and information on how you can support the bill through calls to your Senators and with letters to the Governor. Please stay posted for these alerts.

In the mean time you can check the status of AB 826 and view the bill language. For additional information on AB 826 and farm to school issues, you can also visit the Community Food Security Coalition site.

We’ll post additional information to slowfoodla.com as it becomes available. In the meantime, note that today’s New York Times includes an article about the Farm to School movement, “Fresh Gets Invited to the Cool Table” by Marian Burros. (Or you can find it here, as a pdf.)