Los Angeles

Food and Wine and Writing About It: The Women’s Fiction Festival

wff.jpgEvan Kleiman, leader of the L.A. convivium and Slow Food’s governor for southern California, will be a contributor and panelist at the second annual International Women’s Fiction Festival, September 28 through October 1, 2005, in Matera, Italy.

Food and wine play such a large role in today’s novels. At this year’s Festival, learn how to write lyrically and accurately about them with Evan the Slow Food way, sensually, taking your time. This may be one of the few courses you can take where you eat and drink your curriculum–the finest food and wine this side of heaven! In addition to introducing the program, Evan will speak on several subjects, including “How to Drink Wine and Write About It,” “How to Write What You Eat,” and “Shopping and Writing.”

Program and attendance information is available here. The schedule offers plenty of opportunities for both published writers and aspiring ones to develop or market their writing, to workshop manuscripts, and to meet with others who share your interests. In addition to the scheduled events, the food, wine, and spectacular sights of Matera make this an exciting opportunity.