Los Angeles

A Message from the Slow Food Turkey Team

bronzeturkey.jpgIt’s not too early to think about Thanksgiving…

Turkey season is just about upon us, so it’s time to give you an update on where you might be able to get a great heritage bird this year.

Our wonderful Peter Schaner is taking a year off from growing the birds, so here are a few other options. You can order a heritage bird from Heritage Foods. They’ll ship your bird directly to your home. Or check out Mary’s Turkeys for a list of locations carrying their heritage, free-range, and free-range organic birds. It looks like they’ll be at just about every Bristol Farms market ’round Los Angeles, but Mary said they were just putting their orders together, so it might be a good idea to call. Oh, and for the ultimate in convenience… Mary’s delivers as well!

Wherever you find the perfect bird, have a scrumptious Thanksgiving.