Los Angeles

Action Alert: AB 826 for Governor’s Signature

Our friends at the California Food and Justice Coalition have sent us the following news regarding AB 826, the farm-to-school legislation, and have asked for our support in the next phase. Please read on:

AB 826 has passed the California Assembly and has now been sent to Governor Schwarzenegger to be signed into law. By signing this bill he will help California farmers and schools connect so our kids can be eating the healthiest and best tasting local fruits and vegetables available. But we’re not sure which way the Governor will go. We need a strong advocacy effort to influence his decision.

Your visits, calls, and letters have been the force behind the bill coming this far. WE NEED YOUR HELP to show Governor Schwarzenegger how much support there is for farm to school.

Please send a letter to the Governor telling him to sign AB 826. View a sample letter at: http://www.foodsecurity.org/california/CA_actionalert.html. Please personalize our sample letter to highlight why farm to school is important to you and how it benefits your school and your community. Get background on the bill at: http://www.foodsecurity.org/california/CA_Issues.html.

Deadline: The Governor has until October 9th to sign or veto the bill. We don’t know when he will act. So we need as many letters as possible to start arriving in his office as soon as possible.

With so many nutrition and school food related bills this year it’s important that we keep voicing our support for farm to school so family farmers don’t get left behind. Let the Governor know that farmers, schools, parents, and nutrition advocates want farmers and their communities to be part of the effort to get more healthy and fresh foods into our schools.

In addition to sending letters from your organization, personal letters from farmers, parents, representatives from schools, and STUDENTS! are as important. If your school is not able to write a letter, send one yourself and be sure to mention your involvement with farm to school. A hand-written letter to the Governor is very powerful. If you are part of a committee or task force that is organizing a local farm to school program or is interested in one have everyone at your next meeting write and send their own letter. We need to make sure the Governor hears how much support there is for “healthy kids & healthy farms.