Los Angeles

Garden School Foundation Activities

News from Nancy Goslee Power regardng the Garden School Foundation:

The Garden School Foundation’s mission is to provide a natural environment in elementary schools where children can discover the joys of planting, harvesting, and preparing their own food while enjoying a garden-enriched curriculum.

We are manning our first Garden School Foundation stand in this Saturday’s Santa Monica Market from 9:00am-1:00pm at the Santa Monica Airport. Come by for your veggies and see us. We are promoting our first project at the 24th Street Elementary School in the historic Adams district. The school made the “worst schools” honor roll this week. There was also an article on children’s asthma and the relationship between being near a freeway. This school backs up to the 10 Freeway with not even a bush or tree let alone a sound wall to block the sound or air from the freeway. Hopefully we will have a row of Canary Island Pines there in the new year!

We have built a preliminary garden with the children and have huge pumpkins right now, planted in the spring. We will have a new 1/3 acre garden after the asphalt is taken up in January, hopefully to be followed by a kitchen lab, sponsored by La Brea Bakerey. [This is the first school in Los Angeles with our program in it. We have been endorsed by the LAUSD, and many others.]

We are also in the Wednesday Santa Monica Market at LaBrea Bakery’s stand. Please join us and support us any way you can!!