Los Angeles

Social Action News

News and calls to action from Slow Food LA’s Social Action Committee and our friends in the community:

++ AB 826 is now awaiting Governor Schwarzenegger’s signature. The California Food and Justice Coalition is urging members and friends to contact the Governor’s office with a request that he sign the legislation, and the CFJC has provided sample language and contact information for this purpose. Action is needed soon: AB 826 must be signed or vetoed by October 9. For a recent look at AB 826, see Heather Hacking’s piece in the Chico Enterprise record.

++ Food on Foot has asked us to remind Slow Food members that it is celebrating its 500th week of service to our community. They still have many volunteer opportunities for their anniversary event this Sunday, October 9, and encourage you to go to their website for more information on their mission, on their anniversary event, and how to volunteer.

++ The South Central Farmers continue their fight to keep their community garden, which has been a source of pride and nourishment for the community since 1992. The Los Angeles Urban Garden at 41st and Alameda provides approximately 360 plots and is believed to be one of the largest urban gardens in the country. Without intervention, the garden will be closed at the end of the year. For more information or to sign their online petition, go to the South Central Farmers web site.