Los Angeles

Turkey Update from Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods USA has sent us an update regarding this year’s Turkey Project:

The final days of the Turkey Project are upon us. While individually our Thanksgiving birds will have lost that skip in their step, collectively as a species the Bourbon Red and American Bronze are thriving. Over 10,000 previously endangered turkeys were raised this year and next year, with the breeding birds that have stayed behind the numbers will increase even more.

We want to congratulate the farmers who have worked over a year to make this project successful. Frank Reese and his team of Larry Sorell, Doug Metzger, and Danny Williamson have done more to promote genetic diversity in the poultry world that anyone in years. And Jeff May helped oversee a successful feed program that ensured that everyone will get the weights they ordered and that all turkeys were treated ethically during processing.

You will be happy to know that out of 10,000 birds, all except 200 have been sold! On behalf of everyone, thank you for helping in the only way that matters: by actually using your consumer dollar to effect small family farms and promote genetic diversity.

As we still have a few to sell, please order below if you have not already. Sunday [November 20] is the final day to order for this Thanksgiving.

Patrick and Todd

If you’re interested in securing a turkey from Heritage Foods USA, email them at heritageturkey2005 [at] gmail [dot] com or go to the Heritage Foods website.