Los Angeles

The Cheese Nun on KCET

cheesenunposter.jpgThe Cheese Nun is scheduled to air on KCET this Saturday, April 1st, at 11:00pm. We have received positive reviews of the film from members of other convivia who have already seen it, and encourage you to watch, tape, or set your TiVo. (Please check your particular television/cable/satellite listings to confirm.)

The documentary tells the story of Sister Noella Marcellino, a Benedictine nun who is a traditional cheese maker in a cloistered convent in Connecticut. She has dedicated her life to prayer, but in recent years she has also become an internationally recognized scientist and advocate of preserving biodiversity of small species–particularly the bacteria that produce the flavor of the cheese. Her passion for saving traditional cheese-making led to a 20,000 mile-long voyage of discovery, taking her outside the convent walls to some of the most ancient and remote cheese caves of Europe.

For more information on the documentary and the story behind it, you can visit the documentary site. You can also read the New York Times article entitled “Making Cheese Is Her Calling; Make That Her Second Calling” here as a text file. DVD and VHS versions of the documentary will be available in mid-April via the Shop PBS site.