Los Angeles

South Central Farm Braces for Eviction

The South Central Farm and the Trust for Public Land fell short of their fundraising goal, and the South Central Farm is faced with the imminent possibility of eviction.

According to the South Central Farm web site, many farmers, their legal counsel, and supporters (including several celebrities such as Joan Baez, Julia Butterfly Hill, Ben Harper, and Daryl Hannah) have set up camp at the community garden and are hoping to draw media attention and to resist the eviction action. Several local news outlets have noted the turn of events: to get a flavor of the coverage, see the story in the Los Angeles Times (registration required, but also available on KTLA’s web site) and from the local ABC affiliate’s web site (KABC).

For the most up-to-date information, visit the South Central Farm site for news, events, and requests for assistance.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Hill’s Kosmonaut Photo Blog.