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Slow Food Questions . . . and Answers

slow-food-companion.jpgWhat are Slow Food’s goals?
How is my membership fee used?
What is the difference between convivia and presidia?
These and other questions are answered in The Slow Food Companion, which is now available as a .pdf on the Slow Food USA web site. Although information on these and other Slow Food subjects is frequently published on both the US and international sites, the Companion is a tidy summary. The link to the .pdf version is also a good one to share with others who may be interested in the basics of Slow Food and in an overview of its history, its organization, and its mission.

For further reading (and listening):
++ Michael Pollan’s article in the May/June 2004 issue of Mother Jones, “Cruising on the Ark of Taste“;
++ A Fast Company profile of Slow Food, including comments by Carlo Petrini;
++ Patricia Unterman on “Savoring Slow Food,” and her experience at the 2000 Salone del Gusto;
++ and Sylvia Poggioli’s report on the 2004 Salone for NPR;
++ Alexander Stille’s profile of Slow Food in The Nation; and
++ Corby Kummer “In Praise of Slow Food” from NPR’s “All Things Considered”.