Los Angeles

Vineyard Management Opportunity

North Hollywood High School has a great small vineyard. The person who installed it is no longer interested, and the search is on for someone with an interest in wine grapes and making their own wine to take it over and benefit from the grapes.

NHHS students can help keep the vineyard watered, fertilized, and pruned with supervision by the new owner. The new owner would do all else. For optimal production, Steve Hofvendahl, the Fruit Tree Program Coordinator of TreePeople, suggests that the new owner may want to also do some spraying. North Hollywood High School only asks that the person would talk to the students twice a year or so about grapes, winemaking, California history with grapes and wine, etc.

Interested? For more information, please contact Steve Hofvendahl by phone at 818.623.4865 or by email to shofvendahl [at] treepeople [dot] org.