Los Angeles

Announcing the Echo Park Farmers’ Market

echoparkmarket.jpgSince the controversial closing of their neighborhood’s only local chain grocery store in 2004, Echo Park residents have been trying to secure a local source for quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Long known as a hotbed of community activism and civic involvement, Echo Park has succeeded and will open its first certified farmers’ market.

When: Every Friday, 3:00pm-7:00 pm, beginning October 13, 2006
Where: Parking Lot #663 on Logan Street south of Sunset Boulevard
Who: Operated by SEE-LA, nonprofit operator of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

The farmers’ market is particularly close to the heart of Council President Eric Garcetti of City District 13, who acknowledges the market would literally be in his backyard: “I can’t wait to pick up some produce at our brand-new farmers’ market.” said the councilman. “It’s a privilege to welcome SEE-LA to yet another market location in the 13th council district. In addition to providing Echo Park residents with space to meet each other and adding a nutritious and affordable dimension to their families’ diets, SEE-LA continues to offer outstanding programs and classes. I join my neighbors in extending them a hearty welcome.”

Council District 13 sponsors the market and is home to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, the Atwater Village Farmers’ Market, and the Hollywood-Sears Farmers’ Market.

“SEE-LA is pleased to be part of the Echo Park Farmers’ Market. Everyone will have the opportunity to shop for tasty, California-grown fruits and vegetables, all the while supporting small local farmers,” said Pompea Smith, Executive Director of Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles, the nonprofit that operates the market. Featuring the products of more than fifteen local farmers, the Echo Park Farmers’ Market will highlight quality locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, some of which are organic.

Among those participating is Jimmy Williams of HayGround Organic Gardening, a local Hancock Park grower known for his glorious edible landscapes, heirloom vegetable seedlings, and other rare species. The luscious greens and lettuces from John and Naomi Sweredoski of Sweredoski Farms in Long Beach are known throughout the Los Angeles County farmers’ market circuit. The market’s customers can expect to find John Tenerelli’s last peaches, pears and plums. Maggie’s Farms will be attending with mesclun, herbs, and other specialty greens. Zuckerman’s, famous for their varieties of potatoes at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, will also be on hand. Other specialty products will include flowers, cheese and honey.

Local food vendors will offer a selection of tasty ethnic foods to eat on site or to take home, including pastas and sauces, French pastries and other specialty breads, rotisserie chicken, tamales, and more. Six local artisans will offer for sale their hand-wrought creative works: antique beads necklaces from Jim; miniature flowers imbedded in silver jewelry from Raphael; hand-carved wooden utensils from Kitapaszyan; and clothing from local designers Mei Ling Seward of Soundweave and Crybaby Clothing.
As with all SEE-LA’s markets, WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program checks and EBT/Food Stamps will be accepted.

For more information about SEE-LA and its markets, please visit their web site, Farmernet.com.