Los Angeles

Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

salone.jpgSeveral members and friends of the Los Angeles convivium will be heading to Turin during the next week to attend two international Slow Food gatherings: Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre.

Held every other year, the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre are opportunities for Slow Food members and colleagues to meet, not only for the social pleasure and the convivial spirit, but also with the aim of increasing awareness of Slow principles and goals. Information on these events can be found at their respective web sites via the links above.

This year, the theme of the Salone is “good, clean, fair.” These are the essential components of a new concept of food quality, reference points that mark the path that all participants in the food chain (producers through and including consumers) should follow. This year, the “Manifesto of Quality According to Slow Food” will be launched, and Slow Food is asking all participants to put into practice the dietary principles that are respectful of taste, the environment, and social justice. As noted in the Manifesto,

Good, Clean and Fair is a pledge for a better future… an act of civilization and a tool to improve the food system as it is today. Everyone can contribute to Good, Clean and Fair quality through their choices and individual behavior.

terramadre2006.jpgIn tandem, Terra Madre will reflect the remarkable diversity of Slow Food and provide opportunities for thousands of delegates to share their experiences and to discuss agricultural issues and putting “good, clean, and fair” into practice. This year, Terra Madre will reflect the input of 1,600 food communities from five continents and 150 countries. Five thousand farmers, breeders, fishermen, and traditional food producers plan to attend, as well as 1,000 cooks and representatives from approximately 200 universities.

Both events will run concurrently, from 26-30 October. Technology permitting, we will be posting updates, photos, and announcements from Turin shortly after the events begin on 26 October.