Los Angeles

What’s your favorite Slow Food restaurant in Los Angeles? Tell us!

A message from Jordan Vannini, president of the Los Angeles convivium:

We can change the world by what we eat!

Slow Food Los Angeles is seeking your nominations for your favorite Slow Food restaurants in the Los Angeles area. In 2007 we will be hosting a series of Chef-Farmer dinners in a variety of locales and we are seeking your participation in the preliminary selection process.

All nominees will be selected on the basis of their Slow Food credentials. First and foremost should be a sustained commitment in their support of local farmers who engage in sustainable agricultural practices including organic farming, the production of heritage varieties of food, and the preservation of ethnic and cultural practices. At the end of every plate of food in the finest restaurants in this city are hardworking farmers and the communities that support them. This is our opportunity to show them the appreciation we have of their labor of love.

Please send your nominations to snailwrangler@slowfoodla.com. We appreciate your involvement and welcome all comments and suggestions.

Jordan Vannini
Slow Food Los Angeles