Los Angeles

Catching Up: Readings and Recommendations

Several articles have appeared in recent days that may be of interest to Slow Food members and friends:

Leslee Komaiko of the Los Angeles Times spotlights the Freeze Relief efforts by local chefs and restauranteurs to assist farmers in the wake of last month’s damaging weather. Read the article on the L.A. Times’ site.

Nicole Gaouette and Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times address the revisions to the farm bill sent to Congress last week, and the news is promising.

In a potential windfall for California farmers, the Bush administration proposed a farm bill Wednesday that would boost spending for conservation, organic crops, and fruit and vegetable producers.

The bill also would strip $1.5 billion in crop subsidies from the nation’s wealthiest landowners over the next 10 years.

The $87-billion bill, which would set U.S. farm policy for the next five years, is being carefully watched as farmers of traditional crops face unprecedented competition for federal dollars from environmental groups, anti-hunger organizations and the specialty crop growers who make up the bulk of California farms.

Supporters said that the administration listened to those new interests and that the proposed change was significant.

Read the full article on the Times’ site.

What to eat? Has the focus on specific attributes of foods–low in fat, high in fiber, nutrient- or vitamin-rich–obscured more important macro concerns, and in the process done more harm than good? Michael Pollan considered these issues in his recent article in The New York Times Magazine, “Unhappy Meals.” Read the article, now available on Michael Pollan’s site, and don’t miss Pollan’s nine rules of thumb for how to choose the food you consume. It’s a must read.