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California Bill Would Require Cloned Food Labels

From the April 17, 2007 New York Times:

Steaks, pork chops, milk and other products from cloned livestock would have to be clearly labeled on grocers’ shelves under a bill pending in the California Legislature.

If passed, the requirement could be more stringent than federal rules. The Food and Drug Administration is poised to give final approval for manufacturers to sell meat and milk from cloned cows, pigs, and goats without any special labeling, although a bill introduced in Congress would require it.

Sen. Carole Migden, the San Francisco Democrat who authored the bill, said consumers deserve to know what they’re buying and to be able to decide if they want to eat food from cloned animals. That is especially true because cloning isn’t perfected and the long-term consequences of eating artificially produced animals cannot yet be studied, she said.

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For information on SB 63 and Senator Migden’s position, visit the senator’s website or the bill information page for the California State Senate.

For updates and news releases from the FDA, visit their site.