Los Angeles

Catching up on the news: local olive oil, local partnerships, defining “chocolate”

Links to news that may be of interest to Slow Food members and friends:

> Students at Caltech are taking advantage of the wealth of established olive trees on the Pasadena campus and making their own olive oil. Great use of a local resource! [Los Angeles Times]

> Whole Foods seems to be making good on its plan to promote local producers: The San Francisco Chronicle talks with farmers and other producers who are benefiting from developing a relationship with Whole Foods that allows them to sell to area stores. [SFGate]

> Defining “Chocolate”: Word has been spreading about a proposal to change the definition of chocolate, allowing manufacturers to replace all the cocoa butter with vegetable fat and to replace milk solids with whey, thereby reducing the materials cost by approximately 66%. Chocolate lovers, artisanal chocolate producers, food security groups, and others are joining the chorus of complaint, and the FDA has extended the public comment period until May 25. For more information:
++ Cybele May’s recent op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times;
++ a helpful overview of the proposed changes (with additional links) via The Ethicurean;
++ the site of “Don’t Mess With Our Chocolate,” a group of concerned producers and consumers of chocolate; and
++ a Don’t Mess With Chocolate link to the FDA’s public comments page (page includes helpful information about how to register your comment)