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Linking to The Ethicurean, Mulch, and Chews Wise

We’ve recently added three more sites to the list of links on our homepage. If you haven’t taken a look recently or if these are new to you, we encourage you to check them out for news about a variety of issues and concerns shared by Slow Food:
ethicureanlogo.jpgThe Ethicurean

. . . . is dedicated to thinking about food. Not just thinking about how to prepare it, or how it tastes — although those things are very important to us — but to pondering where and how it was grown and by whom, the distance that it traveled to our plate, and the less obvious effects of our consuming it.from The Ethicurean’s “About this Blog” page

Compiled and written by six food-conscious contributors, The Ethicurean is updated daily with information about events and issues and written by individuals whose varied interests and experiences result in an interesting mix of topics, news, and opinion.

mulchlogo.jpgMulch was started by Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group. Ken and other contributors to Mulch focus on food and farm policy, agricultural issues, and food safety issues. If your interest runs to agribiz, related legislation, and learning more about how the industry is regulated, Mulch is a great source of information and commentary.

OrganicIncCover.jpgLast, but certainly not least, is Chews Wise, Sam Fromartz’s blog. The author of Organic, Inc., Fromartz offers links to and opinions about a wide range of news and issues, making his tagline–“Devouring the Food Chain One BIte at a Time–especially appropriate. Recent posts have addressed organic inspections of third world coffee farms, the question of whether genetically modified crops are playing a role in the collapse of many honeybee populations, shrimp farming, organic dairies, and the questions about the centralization of food production raised by the discovery of dog and cat food.

A link to each of these blogs can now be found in the “Links” section of our home page, and we hope you’ll find them as interesting and informative as we have.