Los Angeles

Opportunity with the Westwood Farmers’ Market

The Westwood Farmers’ Market is looking for someone who would like to help the community by assisting in the management of the local Thursday farmers’ market. The position is ideal for someone who wants to expand their knowledge of events, to contribute to the community and either has knowledge of, or wants to acquire knowledge of, promotional techniques, people management, project development, school tours, slow food dinners, and other useful skills.

The job consists of 9-10 hours each Thursday outdoors in a pleasant, green garden setting. And another few hours (not on market day) to handle other details. The market runs from 12 noon until 7 pm with 90 minutes before and after necessary.

Work with customers, farmers, and others with occassional work with county inspectors, members of the media, and influential members of the community. If you have volunteered in the community and are interested in contributing through a paid, nonprofit position, let us know. 12 to 15 hours for 150 dollars per week. An excellent, though demanding, part-time job.

For more information about the Westwood Farmers’ Market, visit their site.
For more information about this opportunity, contact mark [at] westwoodfarmersmarket [dot] com.