Los Angeles

In the News…Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Items that may be of interest to Slow Food members and friends:

† Farm Bill News: Representative Collin Peterson of the House Agriculture Committee has announced that markups on at least three of the titles in the Farm Bill will begin next week. If you have waited to contact your representative and members of the Agriculture Committee, now is the time. California representatives are members of the Agriculture Committee; more information about how to contact your reps is available in our recent Farm Bill post. The Ethicurean has a great post with information about the markups, Speaker Pelosi’s role, and links to other sources of information. Also, Om Organics has an Action Guide that’s worth checking out. Good links and good strategies for anyone interested in this issue.

† Also from The Ethicurean, Carlo Petrini visits San Francisco: As part of his book tour for Slow Food Nation, Carlo Petrini visited San Francisco and spoke about the “Good, Clean, and Fair” philosophy of Slow Food. Ethicurean contributors offer their play-by-play of the event.

† Alex Weiser: Green Giant: Or so says Jonathan Gold in L.A. Weekly‘s 2007 People issue. The tip of the hat to Weiser is welcome, and if you haven’t sampled Weiser Family Farms produce, make this week the week to do so.

† Need More Farm Bill Information? For the policy wonks and the really interested readers who don’t already know about it, check out FarmPolicy.com, a site devoted to farm policy news, and lots of it.