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Contacting Legislators to Save Fresh Start

Our colleagues at the California Food Policy Advocates have issued a call to action regarding the Fresh Start Program:

The wildly successful effort to bring more fresh produce to school children is scheduled to perish! For the last two years, the California Fresh Start Program has provided schools with 10 cents to increase fruit and vegetable offerings in the School Breakfast Program. Despite amazing results (confirmed in a recent evaluation commissioned by the legislature), no funding to continue the program is contained in either the Senate or Assembly Budgets. Though the Governor has fought for continued funding for this, his “blue pencil” authority only allows him to take money away in the final budget, not add it. So if the legislature doesn’t act now to include this funding, the program will die. The legislature is working to wrap up the budget right now, so quick action is needed!

Please Call These Three Leaders And Tell Them: Do Not Let Fresh Start End!

Budget Conference Chair John Laird

Senate President Don Perata

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez

Update: Thanks to Randy Clemens, who suggested we add the legislators’ email addresses, which are: