Los Angeles

In the News… Friday, June 29, 2007

† EWG Farm Bill Petition: The Environmental Working Group is collecting signatures online and has asked that Slow Food Los Angeles and other organizations concerned with the Farm Bill debate spread the word to our members and friends. The text of the petition, along with the online signup form, is available at:
http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/ewgroup/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=630. The EWG’s website has information about the Farm Bill, the Campaign to Grow Organics, and other initiatives. Along with Mulch it’s a great source of information about these issues.

† Scenes from the [farmers’] market: Wednesday’s San Francisco Chronicle featured an article by Karola Saekel on the history of farmers’ markets in the Bay area and how markets are thriving and expanding. Several interesting recipes round off the reading. Those of our readers who regularly patronize local farmers’ markets will recognize the sentiments expressed by many people who commented for the article, and for those of our readers who don’t get to the market as often as they’d like, perhaps this article will inspire you to do some of your shopping at an area market this weekend.

† Avoiding GMOs: Also in the San Francisco Chronicle, a piece by Carol Ness on a new book, Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food by Andrew Kimbrell. As Carol Ness notes:

[A]nyone who has questions about genetically engineered foods, or is confused about the issue, might want to take a look at this book. Kimbrell and his staff lay out the complexities of the case against GE foods in bite-size pieces that manage to be thoroughly researched (220 footnotes!) and easily digestible.

Read Ness’s review online; it’s part of the her “Food Conscious” series in the Chronicle that periodically features articles that will be of interest to Slow Food members and friends, articles that have a reach far beyond the Bay area.