Los Angeles

In Need of a Thanksgiving Turkey?

Although we did not promote particular sources for Heritage and locally-raised turkeys this year, we have recently received inquiries regarding the availability of such turkeys as we approach the holiday.
Two California sources have been brought to our attention, so if you’re still seeking a special bird, you may wish to contact one or both to confirm availability:

++ Steve Fields and Sims Brannon, coleaders of Slow Food Ojai, have alerted us that Sharon Ann Palmer of Healthy Family Farms has locally raised turkeys available for Thanksgiving. The turkeys will range from 16-20 lbs, 20-24 lbs and 24 lbs and over. They will be processed fresh and will delivered to farmers’ markets in Ventura and Ojai this weekend (November 17 and 18). Vacuum packed, they will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 7 days. The price will be $3.50/lb and orders will be taken this week by calling Sharon at 805.421.3301. They can be delivered either to the Saturday Ventura market or Sunday Ojai market. (Additional note: Greta Dunlap of the Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market emailed to let us know that Sharon is also a regular at the Beverly Hills Market, so if Ojai or Ventura seem too far to go for your turkey, don’t hesitate to contact Sharon and ask if turkeys will be available on the west side this weekend.)

++ Jim Reichardt of Sonoma County Poultry may also have turkeys available. A Slow Food member and fourth-generation duck farmer, Jim has informed us that he has a limited number of turkeys that will be available for shipment in the coming days to individuals. For information about availability and cost, please contact Jim directly by email to scpducks [at] aol [dot] com or by phone at 800.953.8257.