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In the News… Saturday, January 19, 2008

† A postscript to Thursday’s summary: As is often the case, The Ethicurean has an informative overview, this one about cloning.

On his Chews Wise blog, Sam Fromartz not only points to the Ethicurean summary but adds his own perspective, suggesting that adoption of cloning will not be the slam-dunk some think it will be.

† “Looking Dinner in the Eye”: Julia Moskin writes in the New York Times about chefs who demonstrate “empathy and respect” for the animals they use. Michael Ruhlman points out that although this may be garnering more media attention lately, it’s not a new trend, or necessarily a marketing ploy. It’s certainly not new to Slow Food, which has long advocated diversity, supported animal husbandry programs that protect and help revive neglected species, and has worked to promote food that is good, clean, and fair.

† More from Michael Pollan: Another Q&A, this time with Christy Harrison of Gourmet magazine’s new website, in which the two discuss breakfast options, quality in culinary practices, and a possible reason for our country’s nutritionism.