Los Angeles

Postscript to “Music and Food”

tomterrellgraphic.jpgHow wonderful to hear of excitement about the intersection of music and food! There’s been such an enthusiastic response to Tom Terrell’s invitation \to his senior recital at UCLA this Friday that Tom is, well, a bit overwhelmed. He’s asked us to share this follow-up message with all those who’ve contacted him, and others who may be interested in attending:

I appreciate the massive interest in my event this coming Friday at UCLA. I am truly excited to share this with my fellow slow food-goers. I was caught by surprise the number of responses I received just hours after the bulletin was posted. However, because of the sudden spike in RSVPs for the event, I must exceed the budget that I was granted. Because I want to share this event with everyone (especially foodies!) I asked my chef to double our output, and welcome in as many folks we can into the 140 capacity recital hall. I was fortunate enough to receive a $1,000 grant, but at this rate I would fall well short. Could everyone maybe make a donation ($10?) when you arrive? Everyone is RSVPed, (I just haven’t had the time to reply to individual emails) but since I’m not selling tickets I can’t reserve actual seats… so I suggest you come a little early to ensure your spot. I apologize for the mass message, I’ve been rehearsing my groups like crazy!
I’m counting on you and your conscious minds to be there!