Los Angeles

In the News… Sunday, June 22, 2008

† Two from Tara Parker-Pope: In “Boosting Health with Local Food,” Ms. Parker-Pope writes in the New York Times about a University of North Carolina study that will assess “the impact of moving toward a local, sustainable food system.”

Ms. Parker-Pope also considers the questions related to the consumption of vegetables. How many servings per day? Is raw always best? Seems not, whether you’re considering taste or health benefits, but options are worth considering during the summer season’s bounty.

† A New Wave of Home Canners? Writing about the resurgence in preserving and making jams and jellies in the San Francisco Chronicle, Kristine Shevory makes the case that canning at home isn’t just for grandmothers or those with an abundance of backyard fruit. Whether spread on toast, used as a cake filling, or accompanying a savory course, jams, jellies, marmalades, and preserves are all capturing the interest of home cooks who want to know what’s in their food, to experiment with taste combinations, and to make the most of seasonal fruits. Read the complete article online and whether you’re experienced or a newcomer, consider attending our upcoming swap on July 19.

† Los Angeles’s Compost Experiment: A pilot program beginning this September will explore the possibilities of supporting home composting in Los Angeles. Many home gardeners are already aware of the benefits of composting and how efficiently a household’s fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells, and coffee grounds can turn into a fantastic soil supplement, but the pilot program will also measure the reduction on Los Angeles’s landfills and waste processing. More information and related links in the Los Angeles Daily News.