Los Angeles

CHOW Presents Slow Food Nation Podcasts

sfn-chowcast.jpgIn addition to being among the supporters and sponsors of Slow Food Nation, CHOW is presenting a series of “bite-sized bulletins,” interviews with the people behind the scenes who are tasting, selecting, organizing, and working to make Slow Food Nation the biggest artisanal food event in the United States.

Currently available, via the CHOW website and iTunes, are podcast interviews with:

  • Anya Fernald, Executive Director of Slow Food Nation;
  • Andrew Barnett, owner of the Ecco Caffe and the Slow Food Nation Coffee curator;
  • Casey Havre, owner of Loulou’s Garden and the Slow Food Nation Preserves curator;
  • Michelle Fuerst, cooking instructor and the Slow Food Nation Pickles and Chutney curator; and
  • Dave McLean, brewmaster and owner of Magnolia Pub & Brewery and Slow Food Nation Beer curator

CHOW promises additional stories, videos, and podcasts as the preparations continue, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast series in iTunes or bookmark the CHOW/Slow Food Nation page.

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