Los Angeles

Welcome Edible Los Angeles!

ediblela-v1-welcome.jpgWe’re pleased to welcome a new contributor to the Los Angeles conversation about food: Edible Los Angeles.

One of a family of fifty Edible Community magazines, Edible Los Angeles aims to shine a spotlight on the area’s exemplary farmers’ markets, community food programs, and treasured resources. We at Slow Food Los Angeles are delighted to have another partner in our efforts to champion good, clean, and fair food and to celebrate the rich diversity of food culture in Los Angeles.
Contributors to the initial issue include Debra Eschmeyer, Samuel Fromartz, Andrew Huffine, Satbhajan Khalsa, Carolline Kim, Patricia Klindienst, Stephen Lewis, Deborah Madison, Cortney Rock, Daniel Schmidt, Tehra Thorp, and Emily Virgil, and features include:

  • a look inside Josiah Citrin’s kitchen;
  • [in]digesting the new Farm Bill;
  • Sam Fromartz’s three steps toward sustainable food;
  • an appreciation of The Heirloom Tomato; and
  • the benefits of bison, along with a profile of Kathy and Ken Lindner of Lindner Bison

The first issue of Edible Los Angeles will be available free of charge at local Whole Foods and is now available as a free download on the their website; subsequent issues will be available by subscription or for a per-issue cost of $5.00.