Los Angeles

Late Notice: Fallen Fruit Project Event in Los Angeles

publicfruitjam.jpgThanks to Judi Bikel for spotting information on the Slow Food Nation blog about an event tomorrow, August 3, in the Los Angeles area.

The Fallen Fruit project in cooperation with The Machine Project has organized the Third Public Fruit Jam. The Public Fruit Jam invites Los Angeles residents to come together and make jam with fruit harvested and collection from their own yards:

The kinds of jam we make will improvise on the fruit that the participants provide. The fruit can be fresh or frozen. Fallen Fruit will bring public fruit. We are looking for radical and experimental jams as well, like basil guava or lemon pepper jelly. We’ll discuss the basics of jam and jelly making, pectin and bindings, the aesthetics of sweetness, as well as the communal power of shared food and the liberation of public fruit.

Jamming will take place at The Machine Project in Echo Park, 1200 Alvarado Street, from noon to 3pm.

More information about The Machine Project is available on its website. More information on Fallen Fruit, and about their cooperative project to map public fruit in the Los Angeles area, is available on the Fallen Fruit website.