Los Angeles

Peak of Summer Tomato Festival and The Heirloom Tomato Book Signing

goldman-cover.jpgOur friends at The Cook’s Library have alerted us that Amy Goldman, author of The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table will sign copies on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. Copies will be available for purchase and the author’s signature from 9:00am until 11:00am.

As noted on The Cook’s Library’s website:

From heirloom beefsteaks to exotica like the currant tomato, a pea-sized fruit with a surprisingly big flavor, this gloriously photographed book is filled with profiles, fascinating facts on their history and provenance and a section with more than 50 delicious recipes. Also included is a master gardener’s guide to growing your own heirlooms. This is an irresistible book for anyone who loves to garden or… simply eat.

The booksigning coincides with the annual Hollywood Farmers’ Market Peak of Summer Tomato Festival, also on Sunday, September 7.

At the peak of tomato season, the farmers at the Hollywood Market are harvesting more than 30 varieties of tomatoes which color the market with their pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and even black and white hues. Each summer, the market’s farmers grow old favorites and new varieties of tomatoes, each with their own unique flavor and texture. In 2008, customers can expect to see varieties including Cherokee, Pineapple, Mango, Great White, Early Girl, Cherry, Brandywine, and Green Zebra. Described by some as “the front porch of Hollywood,” the Hollywood Farmers’ Market attracts and serves a diverse clientele, of all ages and incomes from the heart of Hollywood, and travelers from all over Los Angeles and the world.

A celebration of the abundance and variety of tomatoes available during the summer season, the Festival is free and open to the public during the market’s normal hours, 8:00am until 1:00pm.
In addition to Amy Goldman’s book signing, the Festival will feature:

  • Free samples of 30+ tomato varieties, from 9:00am until noon;
  • Fresh Green Zebra tomato juices, 10:00am until noon;
  • Cooking demos of delicious and easy tomato recipes, 11:00am until 1:00pm; and
  • Tips and information on how to can and sun dry tomatoes, 9:00am until noon.

The Hollywood Farmers’ Market is operated by Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA) and is at Ivar and Selma Avenues, between Sunset and Hollywood.