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In Other Media: Michael Pollan (and others) on the State of Our Food

nyt-20081012mag.jpgIn print: Michael Pollan’s open letter to the next president anchored the New York Times Magazine of Sunday, October 12: “Farmer In Chief: What the Next President Can and Should Do to Remake the Way We Grow and Eat Our Food.” In addition to Pollan’s thoughtful article, you may also find the following of interest:

++ Mark Bittman offers an answer to the question, “Why Take Food Seriously?”
++ Christine Muhlke looks at “Food Fighters: Young Leaders Who Are Changing the Way We Eat (and Drink),” including Patrick Martins, the first director of Slow Food USA and the founder of Heritage Foods USA
++ Samantha Shapiro helps us understand the “Kosher Wars,” the movement to expand kosher values to include sustainability and social justice issues

and more including pieces on agriculture in Africa, a Q&A with the creator of the forthcoming film, Food, Inc., and William Safire’s attempt to understand the meaning of “home-squeezed orange juice,” locavorism, and superfood.

The contents of the Magazine are available on the New York Times’ website.

On the radio: Terry Gross of NPR’s “Fresh Air” talks with Michael Pollan today about the issues he raises in the NYT piece noted above and in his most recent book, In Defense of Food. You can listen to “Fresh Air” on KPCC starting at 7:00pm, or check the local schedule for your preferred NPR station, or listen online via the NPR website (audio available after 3:00pm).