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Slow Food Nation “Food for Thought” videos now online

For those who did not attend Slow Food Nation, for those who attended but did not score a ticket to the sold-out Food for Thought lecture series, and for those who attended but would like another opportunity to consider the ideas presented, videos of the presentations and discussions are now available, free of charge, on the Slow Food Nation website.

The video for the the closing panel moderated by Corby Kummer is embedded below. Featuring Wendell Berry, Carlo Petrini, Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Alice Waters, and Vandana Shiva, the all-star discussion is notable not only for the quality of its content but for the enthusiasm and passion demonstrated by the participants. Whether you’re new to Slow Food or a long-time member or supporter, this video is a must-see discussion of the Good, Clean, and Fair philosophy that is the foundation of Slow Food.

Additional videos of panel discussions are available and include:

  • A New, Fair Food System, moderated by Eric Schlosser, focuses on “current conditions and the future potential for the millions of men and women who harvest and process the food we eat every day.” As interest for animal rights broadens, Schlosser and the panelists urge attention to the human rights of the farmworkers, many of whom labor under dangerous conditions.
  • Building a New Food System: Policy and Planning, moderated by Timothy LaSalle of the Rodale Institute, examines the first steps that governments (municipal, state, and federal) can take to support and build a sustainable food system.
  • Climate Change and Food panelists discuss the “importance of land stewardship, biodiversity, urban planning” and more, including how climate change affects our food system.
  • Katrina Heron, a director of the Chez Panisse Foundation and a member of the board of Slow Food Nation, moderated the panel on Edible Education. Participants included Alice Waters, Josh Viertel, Tony Recasner (head of Green Charter and New Orleans Charter Middle Schools), Van Jones (founder and president of Green for All), and Craig McNamara (president and founder at the Center for Land-Based Learning), and the discussion focused on the “potential and challenges of creating a national policy around edible education–a means of educating all children about stewardship, sustainability, and the connections between food, health, and the environment.”
  • Re-Localizing Food panelists explored “the challenges of building a local food system and compared the environmental and social impacts of both a local and global approach to food.” Michael Pollan, Dan Barber, Gary Nabhan (found of the RAFT alliance), and Winona LaDuke (founding director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project) discuss the environmental and social impacts of both a local and global approach to food, and their conversation was moderated by James Oseland of Saveur.
  • Vandana Shiva, Carlo Petrini, Raj Patel, and Corby Kummer discuss The World Food Crisis: “The impact of the industrial food production system that has left communities worldwide in the grip of hunger and dire food shortages.”

All videos can be viewed on the Slow Food Nation site.