Los Angeles

“The Politics of Food” at Farmlab

Join Next American City at Farmlab for lunch and the first talk in their URBANEXUS lecture series featuring Mark Vallianatos, co-author of The Next Los Angeles: The Struggle for a Livable City. The lecture will focus on Los Angeles’ politicized food landscape—-from the city’s agricultural heritage, food justice and the fast-food ban, to the future of food in a city transformed by immigration and global trade.

When: Friday, October 31, 2008 at noon
Where: Farmlab, 1745 N. Spring Street, Unit 4, Los Angeles
Cost: Admission is free and includes lunch provided by Farmlab and a special politics of food exhibit, as well as a performance by Chris Hachadourian and Poorang Nori focused on the baking of lavash.

RSVP: Reserve your place at the event at the Next American City website.