Los Angeles

Michael Pollan: “Eating Sunshine” at the Web 2.0 Summit

As part of the Web 2.0 conference earlier this month, Michael Pollan talked with John Battelle about many of the issues Pollan raised in his recent New York Times Magazine article, “Farmer in Chief: What the Next President Can and Should Do to Remake the Way We Grow and Eat Our Food.”

His advice to “eat sunshine” brings to mind the simplicity of his advice in In Defense of Food: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” Pollan talks about how our nation’s energy, climate change, and healthcare policies can’t be changed without a meaningful consideration of–and change in–our food policy.

Pollan and Battelle also discuss how technology can help make us better, more informed consumers and could lead to a better understanding of what’s in our food and how our food system really works (or doesn’t).