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Proposition 2: California votes tomorrow

civileatslogo.jpgNaomi Starkman interviews Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society, about Proposition 2, a California ballot measure that’s of significant interest to Slow Food members and friends in California, and one that should be of interest to anyone who consumes meat and poultry:

The Humane Society has brought a wave of national attention this year to the cause of the fair treatment of farm animals, beginning with the video of a slaughterhouse in Chino, California that displayed for the world the terrible treatment that cows in our food chain are receiving.  Now, The Humane Society is sponsoring Proposition 2, which, if passed with a vote of “yes” tomorrow on California’s ballot, would require pregnant sows and veal calves enough space to turn around and stretch their legs, and would require hens the space to spread their wings.

The ballot initiative has received so much national attention, even bringing the President of The Humane Society, Wayne Pacelle, to Ellen and Oprah’s stages. Naomi Starkman spoke with Wayne Pacelle to ask him about what will follow Proposition 2’s vote tomorrow.

Prop 2 and the conditions that make it an important issue were highlighted by Oprah Winfrey in a recent broadcast: Read about the Oprah episode on Civil Eats and on The Ethicurean; read Naomi Starkman’s interview with Wayne Pacelle on Civil Eats, visit the official Proposition 2 site, and most importantly, cast your vote!