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In the News… Thursday, December 18, 2008

Many Slow Food members and friends have been expressing their opinions about how the next administration’s food policy should take shape and who should occupy key food-related positions in the Obama administration. Earlier this week President-elect Obama announced that former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack is his choice to fill the Secretary of Agriculture position. Vilsack is considered an advocate for biofuel and a supporter of GMOs, positions that have raised some concerns.
Several opinions from our colleagues:

++ “Civil Eats,” the successor to the Slow Food Nation blog, notes the news and offers an immodest proposal for Obama’s food policy

++ Tom Philpott at Grist weights in with his initial impressions and further suggests that we shouldn’t be surprised by the choice, adding today that having this much attention paid to the Ag Sec choice is, in itself, a good development

++ Bonnie P. at The Ethicurean agrees that Vilsack isn’t the best/isn’t the worst, and Steph Larson points to an online letter to Vilsack now collecting signatures, urging Vilsack to followup on Barack Obama’s campaign promise to make a real change in agriculture policy

++ Marion Nestle is disappointed but is “willing to give [Vilsack] the benefit of the doubt, at least for awhile.”

++ Also this morning, NPR talked with Michael Pollan about his reaction to the Vilsack announcement.