Los Angeles

What We’re Reading: Mother Jones March/April 2009 issue

motherjones-apr09.pngSeveral articles in the current issue of Mother Jones will be of interest to Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends:

++ In “Michael Pollan Fixes Dinner,” Clara Jeffery interviews “America’s favorite food intellectual” about ethanol and biofuels, food lobbies, secularizing food, the role of food in climate change, and the difference between being a journalist and an activist. (Currently available online.)
++ In “Spoiled,” Paul Roberts looks at what steps might save us from the industrial food system
++ Jon Mooallem asks “Do you need to eat meat to get ripped?” in “Veg-O-Might”
++ Is it possible to have a kindler, gentler abattoir? Bonnie Azab Powell looks at the business of slaughterhouses in “This Little Piggy Goes Home”
++ “Trouble on the Limpopo” and “Slash and Burn” by Adam Welz and Heather Rogers consider the dark side of ethanol and other biofuels
++ Josh Harkinson meets Tim Galarneau and looks at upgrading the state of the college cafeteria in “Tray Chic”

The March/April 2009 issue of Mother Jones is on newsstands now; the magazine has announced that, as a public service, it will release the full contents of this issue online over the next several weeks. Visit Mother Jones online for more information.