Los Angeles

Calling Cooking Team Leaders for Our Time For Lunch Eat-ins!


Are you planning to attend one of the six Eat-ins planned across Los Angeles for Labor Day? Are you looking for a way to become more involved? Sign up to host a small cooking team to get to know neighbors in your area who are also planning to participate.

No need to be a professional chef–you just need to be a motivated community member who likes to cook! The idea is simple: Since all of the Eat-in events are potlucks, instead of individuals bringing dishes, we can form small teams, with each team member contributing ingredients for a collective dish and joining in to cook at a festive little pre-party before the Eat-in.

If you are interested in hosting a small group to cook at your house or workplace on one of the days before the 9/7 event, please contact us with the following information by emailing timeforlunchLA [at] gmail [dot] com:

  1. Eat-in location you plan to attend (Elysian Park, Highland Park, Culver City, Hollywood, Downtown, or Redondo Beach)
  2. Address of your cooking team location (i.e., house or business where your cooking team will cook)
  3. Day and time that you would like to host the cooking team (please choose a time on Friday 9/4, Sat 9/5, Sun 9/6, or the morning of Mon 9/7)
  4. Number of people you would like to host (suggested range is 4 to 10)

We will then help to place volunteers in your neighborhood onto your team! Or if you already have volunteers, perhaps friends or family, who want to be on your team, let us know the names. Each leader will be in charge of contacting his/her team members to coordinate details such as the recipe and ingredients.
Questions? Please call Emily Ventura at 323.442.3198.