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Beekeeping at the White House

Elisabeth Goodridge of The New York Timesreports on the success of some of the most active associates of the White House garden: the honeybees.

Many of us have been enchanted by the addition of honeybee hives as part of the White House’s garden, and Ms. Goodridge’s article introduces us to Charlie Brandts, the White House carpenter and now First Beekeeper. Don’t miss the audio slideshow of Mr. Brandts–and the bees–in action.

Also in the Times:

  • a profile of Sam Kass, a White House chef and the administration’s food initiative coordinator. Mr. Kass has been instrumental in the development of the White House garden and has been a vocal supporter of farmers’ markets and efforts to improve school lunch programs.
  • Marion Burros considers another way Michelle Obama is influencing the debate about food and food preparation: an appearance on the January 3, 2010 episode of “Iron Chef America” inspired by the White House garden.

(Many thanks to several Slow Food Los Angeles members for sharing the Iron Chef news.)