Los Angeles

Wendell Berry on KQED

This morning, Michael Krasny of KQED/San Francisco was joined by Wendell Berry, a farmer, author, and poet who has been living and writing about Slow Food principles long before the organization existed. A participant in last year’s Slow Food Nation celebration, he’s a clear voice of common sense and direct experience, and he’s a beloved figure in the sustainable agriculture movement. For many, reading The Unsettling of America moved them to make real changes in their lives and to pay closer attention to role of food in our lives and in society.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or someone for whom Wendell Berry is a new name, Krasny’s conversation with Wendell Berry is available below:

For more information about Wendell Berry’s writings, visit his book-focused website; for samples of his style and point of view, don’t miss this outstanding online bibliography with links to many essays; and enjoy an abridged version of The Agrarian Standard in Orion magazine.