Los Angeles

What’s going on with the Time For Lunch Campaign?

Since meeting so many members, friends, and neighbors at our Labor Day Eat-Ins we’ve been quiet on the subject of Slow Food USA’s Time For Lunch campaign and the Child Nutrition Act. What’s going on?

Plenty, as it turns out.

With so many pressing issues before it, members of Congress decided in early October to extend the current Child Nutrition Act through September 2010, largely maintaining the status quo but also providing for increasing spending in specific areas, including $85 million to improve children’s access to meals during the summer; $25 million to help school purchase cafeteria equipment to provide healthier school meals; and $25 million to help states automatically enroll children in the School Lunch Program.1

The benefit of this extension is that it give Slow Food and allied organizations additional time to increase public awareness of the specifics of the Act, its importance, and how additional funding and other improvements are likely to make a measurable and substantial difference in children’s health, in local economies, and in educational programs that make food and food education a part of the curriculum.

Slow Food Los Angeles will share news about the school lunch debate and will work with other organizations in the greater Los Angeles community, suggesting ways to communicate to members of Congress our desire to have a Child Nutrition Act that gives schools the resources to truly support and enhance child nutrition. As reauthorization of the Act draws closer, we’ll keep Slow Food Los Angeles members and friends updated on the Congressional debates and ask you to lend your voice to the debate.

In the meantime, we’ll share details of each of the Los Angeles-area Labor Day eat-ins, which brought together Slow Food members, friends, neighbors, and others who thought a potluck with a purpose on a beautiful day in Los Angeles was a great way to spend Labor Day. First up tomorrow will be the event organized by Jennie Cook at Elysian Park.