Los Angeles

“The Search for the Legendary Fragrant Sun Fruit of Shangri-La and Other Tales of Adventures in the World of Citron”

It’s rare that we receive news of an event with such a dramatic and exotic title, but we were not surprised to learn that it involved the Culinary Historians of Southern California and David Karp, known and respected as “The Fruit Detective”!

David Karp, a citrus researcher at UC-Riverside and writer for the Los Angeles Times, has spent a decade traveling around the world researching citron (Citrus medica L.), one of the three original cultivated species of citrus, and the pollen parent of lemon and lime. Citron is used for candied rind, traditional Chinese medicine and Jewish ritual use, for which purpose fine specimens can fetch $500 or more. Karp will recount his exploits from remote villages in Morocco to the eastern hinterlands of Tibet, where he was the first Western citrus scientist to encounter the legendary “Fragrant Sun Fruit” of Muli, a true “missing link” of citrus. He will also describe his establishment of a citron germplasm repository in Yunnan, China, and the little-known history of citron cultivation in California.

When: Saturday, September 11, 2010 beginning at 10:30am
Where: The Mark Taper Auditorium of the Los Angeles Public Library, Downtown Central Library, 630 West 5th Street, Los Angeles.
Cost: Free and open to the public.

A reception with themed refreshments will follow the talk at approximately 11:30am.