Los Angeles

Nourish: Food + Community

With public interest in food issues at an all-time high, Nourish: Food + Community invites families to consider the vital question: “What’s the story of my food?”

Nourish is a multi-year media and education initiative with the goal of opening a broad and meaningful public conversation about our food system that encourages citizen engagement, particularly among young people and families. The Nourish Initiative will combine television programming, short films, web content, and learning tools.

KCET will broadcast a half-hour program produced by Nourish, narrated by Cameron Diaz, and featuring Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Jamie Oliver, Anna Lappe, Bryant Terry, Nigel Walker, and Dr. Nadine Burke. The announced airtimes are November 9 at 10:30pm and November 14 at 4:00pm. Air dates and times for other PBS stations can be found on the Nourish website.

For a taste of what Nourish has to offer, watch the trailer below:

Nourish Trailer from Nourish on Vimeo.

[And if the embedded video above isn’t working in your browser, you can try Vimeo directly.]