Los Angeles

Tell the LAUSD to “Take Back the Sugar” on Valentine’s Day

Emily Ventura, the chairperson of Slow Food Los Angeles’s social action committee, is working with LAUSD parents and community advocates to call for improved food in our public schools. We share a late-breaking update from her about an event this Monday:

Do Good this Valentine’s Day: Rally for the Kids of Los Angeles

Tired of the same old plans for Valentine’s Day? This year, try something new and show your love to the children of Los Angeles. Join fellow concerned citizens in supporting much needed change to the school food served in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

The sugar content of the current school food is shockingly high, with breakfasts containing up to 51 grams of sugar, the same amount in a can of Coke. Flavored milk (chocolate or strawberry) is served at school breakfast and lunch, which equates to 14 cups of added sugar per child a school year. That’s almost a gallon of sugar toward obesity and diabetes. And that’s just the milk, not to mention the coffee cake or the sweetened cereal.

The LAUSD Food Service Branch says, “If you want to get rid of the added sugar, then show us parent and community support.” 

Show your support at Monday’s Cafeteria Improvement Meeting, held at the LAUSD headquarters downtown. Write a note and attach it to a one gallon milk bottle decorated as a Valentine.  Empty jugs are fine, but feel free to fill it with 14 cups of sugar (or sand) to educate your family. The message: Please take back the sugar. We don’t want it in our milk or our food!
Remember, we’re all about the love. Food Services is expecting our Valentines… be nice! The rally will kick off an educational campaign, and the plan is to distribute the decorated gallon jugs to teachers and cafeteria staff for use in educating students in how to reduce sugar consumption.

Delivery Option 1: Participate in the Valentine’s Day Rally
Bring your jug and meet us outside the Visconti Lot (entrance on Miramar) near LAUSD headquarters (333 South Beaudry Avenue, Los Angeles 90017) at 1:30pm and we’ll have a peaceful parade to the 28th floor with our Valentines at 2:00pm sharp when the meeting starts.  Parking validation available on the 28th floor. RSVP to: gallonofsugar [at] gmail [dot] com.

Delivery Option 2: Drop off your Valentine to LAUSD anytime on Monday
Address it to Food Services and deliver it directly to LAUSD headquarters at 333 South Beaudry Avenue, Los Angeles 90017.

Delivery Option 3: Drop off your Valentine at the Farmer’s Kitchen (1555 Vine St # 119, Los Angeles 90028)
Chef Ernie will collect it any time this Sunday, February 13, and deliver it for you. 

The children of Los Angeles kindly thank you for supporting their current and future health!

For more information about this issue, or about Monday’s “Take Back the Sugar” Valentines, email Emily Ventura and the Food for Lunch team at gallonofsugar [at] gmail [dot] com.