Los Angeles

Tell the LAUSD You Want Better Food For Los Angeles Students

Dr. John Deasy is about to take the helm of the Los Angeles Unified School District, and Slow Food Los Angeles is joining with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, USC’s Childhood Obesity Research Center, Food for Lunch, the Garden School Foundation, Kidding Around the Kitchen, and RootDownLA to encourage the public to let Dr. Deasy and other LAUSD Board members know that serving students better food in a healthy cafeteria environment and teaching them about food is what our communities need. Now.

Please join with us today to call on Dr. Deasy and Board members to make better food in Los Angeles schools a priority.

The above-named organizations and other community members have joined together to make this easy: visit the School Food Letter website to send your message today!

The LAUSD serves 650,000 meals every day. With childhood obesity and diabetes reaching epidemic proportions, better school food is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

While the LAUSD has made progress in improving the nutritional content of school food, much work remains to be done. Meals contain far too much added sugar, highly processed foods are the norm, and students aren’t learning about food, nutrition, and gardening in ways that will teach them how to make healthier choices.

Dr. Deasy begins his term in the coming days. Please send your own School Lunch letter today. A copy of your message will be send electronically to Dr. Deasy and all members of the LAUSD Board.

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