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Tell Our Representatives You Want a Farm Bill That’s Good, Clean, and Fair

The Farm Bill is the single most important influence on what we eat and produce in the United States. Whether on the grocery shelf or in the planting row, the Bill touches the lives of every single person in this country. It provides support for families battling hunger, helps communities operate farmers’ markets, and, unfortunately, subsidizes the production of food that is making us and our planet sick.

 Rarely does the everyday person have a chance to affect what goes in the Food and Farm Bill. Right now is our unique opportunity.

Tell the House of Representatives how to make the next Farm Bill good, clean, and fair!

Using the link above, submit your own comments or copy and paste Slow Food USA’s suggested message:

As the committee considers the 2012 Farm Bill, I urge you to:
1. Support our fight against hunger by maintaining and strengthening critical nutrition programs in this time of unprecedented need. We must not solve our budget problems on the backs of those experiencing food insecurity, including our most vulnerable – our children, the elderly, and the disabled;
2. Provide an even “plowing” field by fully funding programs that support beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, organic farming, regional farm and food economies, and rural development. We need more farmers and ranchers, more sustainable food production, and more economic opportunity in our food system;
3. Support family farmers that really need help, not the biggest farms that don’t: End subsidies (aka direct payments and counter-cyclical commodity programs), and replace them with loophole-free agriculture risk coverage. Additionally, implement a cap on crop insurance premium subsidies;
4. Ensure that limited conservation funding maximizes lasting environmental benefits: Limit funds to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) for animal waste management infrastructure by eliminating the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Livestock Set-aside and protect the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) from disproportionate cuts, and improve it by ranking applications solely on their conservation benefits.

For more information about the Farm Bill, visit the Food Fight website. Or read how Slow Food defines “good, clean, and fair” food.

This Sunday is your last day to submit comments, so please take a few minutes to join the chorus of those who want change in our food system.