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I recognize that I write a lot about eggplants and peppers this time of year but I can't offer any apologies. There’s always this one last summer push, as if CA is trying to say "Hey, thanks for coming! Don't forget your party favors on the way out." And I never leave empty handed. A decent amount of people don't particularly like eggplant and I get it. It's woefully ill-prepared and can taste of wet sponge at times. Well friends, have I got a made-up recipe for you! This week I wanted to figure out how to keep these gems glowing a little while longer. I wanted something flavorful I could serve with bread & wine or alongside breakfast in the morning. I give you, Marinated Eggplant In A Jar. There's plenty of marinated or pickled eggplant recipes out there and I encourage you to try all of them. Here's mine:

1) Grill Eggplants.

– 2-3 lbs Eggplants (I used the small "Comet" variety from Weiser Farms)

    >Cut eggplant to your liking (I left mine whole since they were so cute & small). Pierce the skin w/ a knife.

    >Toss eggplants in salt and oil.

    >Grill eggplant in a skillet on med-high until soft on both sides.

2) Prepare Vinaigrette / Marinade.

(If you have a "go-to" vinaigrette you can use it here. I reserve the oil to add to the jar at the end. Please taste as you go along to make sure you like what you're making!)

– 1 clove fresh garlic, crushed

– 4-5 stems fresh herb: i.e. oregano, mint, coriander, parsley, tarragon or marjoram, etc. Leaves picked from stem and torn. (I used oregano & mint).

– Fresh or dried chili pepper to taste.

– 1 tablespoon Honey or sugar.

– 1 teaspoon Kosher or Sea Salt

– 1/2 cup of your fav vinegar (I used Rice Wine, red wine would be nice too)

    >Mix ingredients together in large bowl.

3) Marinate.

    >Slice the cooked / cooled eggplant into shapes you'd like to eat, say, on a slice of bread (I left mine long & skinny).

    >Add the cut eggplant into the vinaigrette, toss and let marinade at least 10 mins.

4) Store in Glass Jar.

    >Use a clean glass jar, first add a little olive oil to the bottom of it.

    >Layer marinated eggplant, more olive oil and any extra fresh herbs you might have until jar is full.

    >Keep in refrigerator for up to 1 month.

5) Serve.

    >Best eaten at room temp. Serve on top of crusty bread layered with creamy tahini, thick yogurt, fresh cheese. Makes and excellent topping for eggs. Wonderful on crackers or straight out of the jar 🙂

::Good Clean Fair Food For All (Los Angeles)::


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