Los Angeles

On The Point: GMOs, Food Waste, and Food as Entertainment

Lisa Lucas Talbot, Slow Food USA’s regional governor for southern California (and outgoing coleader of Slow Food Los Angeles), appeared on The Point with Robert Kenner (director of Food, Inc. and founder of fixfood.org) and […] Read More >>>

John Muir High School’s CSA: Muir Ranch

John Muir High School’s CSA program–developed with the assistance of Doss Jones and Mud Baron–received some positive media coverage on our local CBS affiliate recently. Check out the students’ productive season: One we hope is […] Read More >>>

Support the Hollywood Farmers’ Market: Storytelling for Change

Thanks to Sarah Newman for alerting us to this lovely video celebration of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market: Support the Hollywood Farmers Market from Storytelling for Change on Vimeo. [This video was produced by Dance Aoki […] Read More >>>

Hollywood Farmers’ Market granted another, limited extension

Local media are now reporting that the Hollywood Farmers’ Market has received a 30-day extension so the market can continue to operate while negotiations with the Los Angeles Film School continue. For more information, see […] Read More >>>

Los Angeles Times op-ed: “Our Schools’ Sweet Tooth”

Today’s Los Angeles Times features an op-ed by Emily Ventura on the need to pay closer attention to the sugar content in school food: Soft drinks were banned in Los Angeles schools in 2004. But […] Read More >>>

“Froot Loops or Fruit?”: Why President Obama’s Response Matters to Slow Food

As part of a recent YouTube interview, President Obama responded to questions posed by individuals about a range of issues. Of more than 140,000 questions submitted, a simple one posed by Slow Food USA president […] Read More >>>

Nourish: Food + Community

With public interest in food issues at an all-time high, Nourish: Food + Community invites families to consider the vital question: “What’s the story of my food?” Nourish is a multi-year media and education initiative […] Read More >>>

Alice Waters on the morality of food

As part of the Washington Post‘s “Divine Impulses” interview series, Sally Quinn talked with Alice Waters about the morality of food, about our connectedness with others, and about the “good, clean, fair philosophy” that summarizes […] Read More >>>

Michael Pollan and Will Allen at Pop!Tech

Michael Pollan and Will Allen spoke at the Pop!Tech conference on the flaws and hidden costs of the industrial food system, the benefits of more sustainable agricultural practices, and the bounty that’s possible via urban […] Read More >>>

Food is the Connection: Michael Pollan on related issues

Grist (via grist.tv) captured Michael Pollan’s thoughts on how food is at the center of many of the issues we face today including the energy crisis and the over-dependence on fossil fuels, the healthcare crisis, […] Read More >>>

Beekeeping at the White House

Elisabeth Goodridge of The New York Timesreports on the success of some of the most active associates of the White House garden: the honeybees. Many of us have been enchanted by the addition of honeybee […] Read More >>>

Wendell Berry on KQED

This morning, Michael Krasny of KQED/San Francisco was joined by Wendell Berry, a farmer, author, and poet who has been living and writing about Slow Food principles long before the organization existed. A participant in […] Read More >>>